Insight on Mommy Makeover Atlanta

Despite the fact that becoming a “mommy” or a mother is a wonderful thing, it definitely can change the body in many ways. It causes sagging or deflation of the breasts, it causes laxity and stretch marks of the abdomen, and then there’s fat collections and we’re getting older as we get more into it. So, most doctors really enjoy performing mommy makeovers and meeting with patients who are interested in it. For breasts, doctors can do breast lifts, they can do breast augmentations, they can use implants or they can actually remove fat from the waist area or the abdominal area into the breasts to help enhance the breast size.

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As far as abdominal work, doctors can do either liposuction (which is contouring but tummy tucks are more prevalent) so that’s a very comprehensive approach to improving the abdominal┬ácontour. Treating skin laxity, treating muscle laxity, so they can readdress the core and get core strength back so functionally it’s wonderful. It also brings you back to physiologic. The skin is tightened and even things like belly button hernias can be repaired at that time. Visit for more information about Mommy Makeover Atlanta.

Benefits of SmartLipo Atlanta

The people that would use the SmartLipo Atlanta laser for skin tightening are those that are primarily concerned with the looseness of the skin before liposuction. If you have looser skin before liposuction, it’s likely that you’re going to have looser skin after liposuction. It’s just the nature of what we do. Now, doctors will be removing volume and stimulating a healing response and to some degree, will have some tightening of the skin but the question is just how much? It’s not something that we can predict. Everyone’s body has a different capacity for healing and skin tightening. So, if you’re concerned about the looseness of the skin before, the use of the SmartLipo laser is going to help you get the most skin tightening after liposuction.


How this works is doctors will pass this laser under the skin and the heat from the laser causes a contraction. It also stimulates collagen growth for about six months after the procedure. Studies show that you’ll get an increase of growth in collagen and for about six months afterwards, you’ll get a continous thickening and tightening of the skin. The collagen is what is going to give your skin a thicker texture and a tighter feel and give it the elasticity that you had when you were younger. As you age, the collagen continues to diminish with time. The laser for the skin tightening has many benefits to this SmartLipo laser. In addition to the skin tightening benefits, the heat source also coagulates blood vessels. What that means is, during the liposuction procedure, the heat coagulates the blood vessels during surgery resulting in less bleeding, less brusing, and less swelling for the procedure so it’s believed that the use of the laser will help reduce the swelling and reduce the bruising and make for a quicker recovery following liposuction.

Ultherapy Atlanta Insight

For those of you not quite brave enough to face the scalpel or the needle, what are the alternatives when it comes to facial rejuvenation. I’m here to talk about a very exciting anti-aging treatment.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy Atlanta is a really unique treatment. It uses ultrasound. So there’s no scalpels, no needles, it’s really non-invasive.

How does the technology work?

The ultrasound is actually focused. So as it travels through the skin, it comes to a point and at that point, heat is created. The lovely thing about Ulthera Atlanta is that we’re able to give a really precise treatment.

Is there any down time with Ultherapy?

It is a little uncomfortable so your doctor will make sure that patients are as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

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Who is this treatment good for?

The results are really natural. So it’s wonderful for anyone who wants a natural result. It’s a very natural movement to the face. Also, it gives a very nice glow to the skin and it is perfect for patients who have mild to moderate skin laxity. So what that means is, if the skin is just moving around a bit and getting a little bit loose, what Ultherapy does is it lifts and it tightens (skin tightening Atlanta).

How long can we expect the results of Ultherapy to last?

It is a slowly progressive treatment so it does take a few months for you to see the results from a single treatment. The results last for about 2 years.

Is Ultherapy the future?

I think that Ultherapy and similar technologies are going to develop and become the ultimate treatment. I would definitely recommend the Ultherapy treatment for anybody that feels like their skin is sagging or just wants to tighten the skin.